MEET ME ON THE PLAYGROUND, A Journey in Healing Sibling Loss - 10 Things You Need to Know...
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10 Things You Need to Know About Dawn Lorie
1.  Dawn Lorie, is a longtime Professional Make-up Artist, Actress, and Spokesperson.
She has completed over 2500 jobs in the entertainment industry, having worked with the likes of Jessica Biel, Jane Seymour, Marlee Matlin, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Morgan Fairchild, Bill Curtis, William Shatner, Lainie Kazan, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Lori Singer, and Robert Wagner to name a few.
2. Meet Me on the Playground is Dawn’s second published book.
“I’ve always been a “how to” kind of gal, always in search of becoming my best self. My first book, The Actor’s Dictionary for Stardom brought a great review from my friend, Kristy, she said, “This isn’t just a book for actors, it’s about becoming a star in life.” I have several additional books awaiting publishing”
3. Traveling is Dawn’s passion.
"I discovered cruising several years ago. It’s an incredible way to see the world. The Mediterranean is my favorite destination, where places I read about in the Bible and in Greek Mythology come to life. Everywhere I visit, I think, I could live here. Soaking up the sights and tastes of the culture at a cafe with my husband Brian is my favorite past-time.”
4. Dawn believes a walk offers life’s greatest simple pleasure.
"I love my daily walks. It’s when I actively listen to God.”
5. Dawn hasn’t lived at home since she was 12 years old.
They say our greatest challenges can become the foundation of our greatest gifts. Since the age of three, my mother had Celica-Sprue; which triggered obsessive compulsive disorder. It challenged her mental and physical health dramatically. In the 1960’s the health industry was unaware of the illness. Unfortunately, her condition worsened resulting in her death at 55 years old.
6.  Dawn loves to inspire esteem and healthy living.
A recovered bulimic, Dawn is a Phoenix who has risen from ashes and uses the gifts from her journey to inspire others when facing life’s challenges. 
7. Dawn is a big fan of Robert Redford’s.
“My mother used the movies as a baby sitter, so I saw more movies than most for my age, hence my attraction to the entertainment industry. My all time favorites, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Great Gatsby. I was blessed with meeting Paul Newman on the Color of Money; but never Robert Redford. He appears to be a kind and gentle spirited man with a true heart and mind for what’s best for humanity. He really influenced me as a young girl. Incredibly, my husband Brian holds these same traits and he’s just as handsome.”
8. Dawn has been journaling almost daily since her early twenties.
“Morning spiritual time is what grounds me. My journals are my conversations with God, and offer clues to my life’s direction”
9. Dawn is not a shopper and didn’t get the jewelry gene.
“Although this may be the case, I do love real estate. So, when Brian asks me what I want for my birthday, I say that periwinkle blue house surrounded by Jacaranda trees on the side of Haleakala on Maui, maybe some day. I am second and third generation Czech. The granddaughter and daughter of brick layers and builders…so, it makes sense. I love remodeling too; I was born with a hammer in one hand and ballet shoes in the other.”
10.  Dawn loves being an aunt.
“I’m often told I would be a good mom…I’m also told I am to many”
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