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Dawn Lorie Norman Bio
DAWN LORIE NORMAN holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from Northeastern Illinois University. A writer, entrepreneur, and the creator of, where surviving siblings can share their journey and celebrate their lost sibling.
She is dedicated to Esteem Growth and Inspiring Healthy Living. Her healing journey to peace with death after surviving the loss of four grandparents, her mother, her father-in-law, her sister-in-law, and her beloved brother allows her to live after loss with passion and celebration of her loved ones.
The almost complete lack of resources available to aid Dawn in working through the grief that overwhelmed her after the death of her beloved brother from Hodgkin’s lymphoma compelled her to write the poignant new book  Meet Me on the Playground, A Journey in Healing Sibling Loss.
In addition, Dawn is the president of Dawn Lorie, Inc, --offering fundraising products for women's organizations while supporting esteem growth and success; and, is a longtime professional actor, spokesperson and make-up artist.
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