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How to Make it Sound Like You Read the Book 
In this sensitive and insightful journey, Dawn offers memories of the playground and reflections on her journey in sibling loss that can guide others who find themselves in profound grief over the loss of a sibling.
She notes that this journey is about love, acceptance, and forgiveness of self, others, and circumstances. It’s also about discovering how to live with passion and to celebrate life after loss – something that seems virtually impossible in the midst of grief, despair, and loneliness.
In addition to exploring sibling bonds, the foundation of grief, and how loss experiences can differ, Meet Me on the Playground poses questions and challenges that offer an opportunity for readers to explore their own emotions in journal form. These journal reflections, notes Dawn, may prove to be an important part of healing. To that end, each chapter in the book concludes with In this moment encouragements and Journey Notes pages that invite readers to journal the thoughts, feelings, and emotions they are experiencing.
Dawn reminds readers not to judge or sensor themselves as they write. Instead, she inspires, “Allow the words to flow from your heart.”
She comments, “Losing a sibling is an overwhelming experience that changes your life and your entire being. When I lost my brother James, not only did my heart break, so did my spirit. My grief was paralyzing, my passion for living dead. I searched for support and found little. Yet with time, as this book reveals, the pain of loss softens and broken hearts and spirits mend. Once again, joyous memories are celebrated, and one lives again.”
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