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We all encounter losses that require us to grieve. Usually, if we find ourselves struggling or if our grief becomes complicated, it is relatively easy to find resources to turn to for help. The exception is sibling loss. Though most of us have siblings, resources for survivors of sibling loss are surprisingly hard to come by, with emphasis instead placed on surviving parents, spouses, or children.
The almost complete lack of resources available to aid Dawn Lorie Norman in working through the grief that overwhelmed her after the death of her beloved brother from Hodgkin’s lymphoma compelled her to write the poignant new book Meet Me on the Playground, AJourney in Healing Sibling Loss.
Interview Questions
I.          Why the title Meet Me on the Playground?
II.          What inspired you to write Meet Me on the Playground?
III.         You note the journey is about love, acceptance, and forgiveness of self, others, and circumstances, please explain.
IV.        In the midst of grief, despair, and loneliness, it seems virtually impossible to live a life of passion and celebration, how were you able to achieve this?
IV.        You explore sibling bonds, the foundation of grief, and how loss experiences can differ, please share the importance of these relational aspects of loss.
V.        You pose questions and challenges that offer an opportunity for readers to explore their own emotions in journal form. These journal reflections, you note may prove to be an important part of healing. To that end, each chapter in the book concludes with In this moment encouragements and Journey Notes pages that invite readers to journal the thoughts, feelings, and emotions they are experiencing. Why is journaling so important to recovering from loss?
VII.       What was the most challenging part of healing from the loss of your brother, James.
VIII.      You comment, “Losing a sibling is an overwhelming experience that changes your life and your entire being. When you lost your brother James, not only did your heart break, so did your spirit. Your grief was paralyzing, your passion for living dead. How did you get from there to here--where you note as living your best life after loss?
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